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Author and Television and Film Historian is available for live and print interviews, book signing and convention appearances. He can be reached by email at PRICEOFEAR@​HOTMAIL.COM.

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My Latest Book THE PRICE OF FEAR the Film Career of Vincent Price in his own words has just been published by Black Bed Sheet Books. It is the only authorized biography of the late horror film star.

Joel Eisner is the author of three successful tv pop culture books including the bestselling Official Batman Batbook (selling over 100,000 copies worldwide).

He has co-written Lost in Space Forever the official book about the classic 1960's tv series and Television Comedy Series: An episode Guide to 153 TV Sitcoms in Syndication.

In 2008 he publsihed The Official Batman Batbook Revised Bat-Edition a newly updated and enlarged version of the original Batbook which surpasses the original in both scope and content.

His most recent book has just been published The Price of Fear: the Film Career of Vincent Price in his own words. The book started as a joint project between the author and Mr. Price who died prior to its completion. Mr. Price gave his authorization to continue after his death and has now been finally completed and published with the authorization of his daughter Victoria on behalf of her father's estate.

In the works is a pop culture series of books called Attack of the Rubber-Suit Monsters. and a TV and Movie Trivia Book.

TV Historian Joel Eisner received a B.A. in Media Arts and an MBA in Marketing from Long Island University.

He has published numerous interviews and articles in such magazines as Starlog, Starblazer, SFTV, and Collecting Hollywood. He has been quoted and his works have been sited in numerous publications.

Selected Works

Biography, film history, memorir,
Pop Culture
1966 Batman TV series and feature film

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